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Terms And Conditions

Well unfortunately you have gotten to the end of all the fun stuff and this means that we have to run you through all the boring stuff. Don't worry, we will certainly try to keep this as brief as possible, wouldn't want the narrator to fall asleep putting this together either.

Booking Terms and Condition's 

  • You must be over 18 to use our service and yes we are quite the party pooper, all your guest's must also be over 18 to attend any of the shows you may book.
  • Our Models have the right to ask any guest for ID if she feels that they look underage.
  • Our models will require an area of approximately 3 meters squared to be able to give you the best show, shows may be altered if the area is smaller 
  • When booking our models in the winter months, please ensure you turn the heating on. You may be getting all hot under the collar but I can assure you that our model's are definitely freezing their t**s off. We would hate for them to leave because it's too cold.
  • All our prices are fixed and include travel of up to 20kms from the Adelaide CBD. Any distance outside of this area will incur a travel fee. Please ask our staff when booking how much this will be as it is different each time depending on the location.
  • Please ensure that if you have booked in advance that you have your phone on you the day of your booking, just in case we need to contact you to confirm details or in the event of a model being sick so we can discuss a replacement.
  • Please advise at time of booking how many people will be at your event. If you are holding a large function we may need engage the services of security staff to ensure the safety of our models. This would be at an extra charge to your booking.
  • If your function is going to be a mixed crowd of men and women, please advise us at time of booking. This is because some of our model's are uncomfortable in these settings and may then decide not to stay for their show. If you do not advise prior to your show and this happens, you will be charged for the show in it's entirety from the credit card that was used to make the booking. We still need to pay our model's despite anything else.



  • All bookings will require a booking fee/ deposit to be paid up front to secure your booking. The remaining amount is to be paid in cash to the model when she arrives, prior to the show commencing. You will receive a detailed text message or email to inform you of the services booked and all associated fees and charges.
  • In the case of a corporate or business booking, if you require a receipt for tax purposes then please inform our staff when making the booking.
  • We accept all major credit cards, bank transfer's and the use of BeemIt. 
  • All transactions made by credit card are processed via PayPal ID and incur a 10% handling fee. This fee is calculated on the deposit, not the total of your show.
  • Beemit is a new app that we are trialing and has no extra fee's and charges attached. If you choose to use Beemit please ensure that you have downloaded the app from the playstore and set it up with all your details prior to making your booking. 



  • Once our model's have confirmed with us that they have accepted a booking they are unable to cancel or make changes to the booking without a valid reason/ medical certificate. This is to ensure that you receive everything that you have paid for. If a model does have to cancel we will provide you with a suitable replacement and will contact you to let you know of the change. You are booking with an agency and therefore your preference in model will be taken into account and provided if possible on the date of the booking. In the unfortunate event that we are unable to provide you with a suitable replacement we will refund your deposit for the service that we are unable provide only.
  • Booking fee's and deposit's are non refundable once they have been placed.
  • If you cancel a booking within 24hrs of the booking date then all services will be required to be paid for in full to cover loss of wages to the model that she may have been able to make if she were available for another booking. This will be charged to the credit card used to make the booking or sent as a tax invoice payable within 7 days via bank transfer. A 10% late payment fee will be added to the invoice every 7 days until payment is made.
  • If you are in a rural or remote area of South Australia and your booking has been confirmed and you cancel the service you will be required to pay the booking in it's entirety, including all travel costs that would have been associated with the booking. Again to cover the model's loss of wages , travel cost's and any accommodation that they may have booked in association with providing you with your show.

Changes to a booking 

  • When making your booking, please decide on all services carefully. Our model's are very busy and can't always negotiate changes at the last minute. Changes to bookings are very time consuming for staff and model's and therefore if you do make a change there will be a $50 administration fee. Changes are subject to the model's availability and may not be able to be made. If no changes can be made then the booking will go ahead as previously confirmed. If you choose to cancel the booking then cancellation fee's will be charged accordingly.


  • Temptation's Model's and Maid's will not be held responsible for any accidents/ incidents that may occur to the model's at any contracted venue. We are a booking agency only. Any accidents or injuries to the model's are to be dealt with by the model and is the responsibility of the model.


  • No Phones or Camera's! We recommend that you keep them in your pockets at all times as photography and video will not be tolerated unless negotiated with the model prior to the show commencing.
  • No Touching the Model's! We have a strict no touch policy unless the model directs you to during a show. Any other touching will not be tolerated unless negotiated with the model prior to your show commencing.
  • No abuse, derogetory comments or throwing things at the model's
  • Model's are not allowed to provide you with any personal details such as phone numbers so please don't ask. 
  • All guest's must be over the age of 18.


If any of the rules are broken or the model's feel unsafe at any time they are permitted to leave and there will be no refund issued. We ask that you ensure that all attending guests are aware of the rules so as to not cause any disapointment.