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Show Stoppers

As always, we should start out nice and slow. So it makes perfect sense to try out one of our Sexy Signature show's. A much softer approach to our other show stopping delight's which makes this show suitable for any occasion.

But of course as things start to get a little hot and sweaty and curiosity takes hold you're going to want to try something more adventurous. Maybe you're hungry to see a little girl on girl grind. 

But perhaps you have a strong heart and want to ramp up the volume and try one of our delightfully raunchy XXX shows. Perhaps your tastebuds need to be tantalised, maybe we should try some fruit salad? Or how about some strawberries and cream? But if it's vegetable's that take your fancy, don't worry because we have got that covered too!

So we have fed everyone's hunger and now we can't forget the working class man. For all you Tool Time Tradie's our girl's have got some tricks that you truly have to see to believe

 But of course you want more, I hear you say! 

So we have saved the best for last!

Because there is nothing more exciting to watch than one of our XXX lesbian shows. Girl on girl grind at it's finest with fingering, squirting, fisting and anal to tip you over the edge.

It should be compulsory for every man to be granted the right to watch porn live and in the flesh at least once in their lives!

So Gentleman, have we got your covered?



Mild sexy signature $250
Straw & Cream $270
Bubble Bath $320
Add Ribbon $60
Duration 20-25 mins


XXX shows dildos, sex toys, beads, lollipops and more!

Wild Vibrator  $400
Straw & Cream $400
Bubble Bath $400
Dominatrix $400
Tooltime $450
Fruit and Veg $450
UV Body Paint $450
Anal or Squirt $480
Porn Paradise $750
Mild Lesbian $620
Live Porn Lesbian Duo $800
Add Ribbon $60

Not for the faint hearted!!!