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Package Deals For All Occasionsns

Whilst we have many options available for package deals we are always open to creating one just for you. One of our skilled staff would be more than happy to design a personalised package to suit your individual needs and desires. 

All our packages can be tailored to the individual. With our trained booking staff, any dream can be made a reality. Just ask us how.

 You can even become a loyalty member and receive a massive 20% discount when booking your 5th package deal. The more times you book, the cheaper it gets. Even if you change the package to suit you.





Min 10 per booking.

Located in the picturesque Mt. Compass is where your adventure begins!

For one easy price of just $199pp you receive an all inclusive 
Terminator Package which includes 700 paintballs for you to start war on your mates.

Also included in this package is one hour of topless waitressing and a XXX show to leave you and your guests begging for more.

For additional costs feel free to  book more waitresses to ensure none of your mates get thirsty.

Or if your feeling a little more adventurous for an additional $250 why not change your XXX show to one of our XXX Lesbian Duo show's where you can experience first hand what lesbian lovers are really like, but this time you get to be up close and personal.

If you require transportation to and from your paintballing experience for additional costs we are happy to organise a bus or even a limo with our sexy waitresses on board to make your trip all the more exciting




Maybe you're the diamond in the rough or maybe your the real deal, whatever the case with our diamond package we cover all the bases.

For our fixed price you will receive 2 of our sexy topless waitresses for an amazing three hours.

As an added bonus we will also include a sexy signature show where one of our models will tantalize and tease as they slowly reveal themselves to their bated audience.

Or if your after something more we can upgrade your sexy signature show to one of our raunchy XXX shows for only an additional $150



Golden days are just ahead if you have a little more time to enjoy our beautiful models then this package is just for you.

Included in this golden deal is a slightly more progressive feel. We will start you off with 2 of our waitresses dressed in their most provocative lingerie for two hours waiting on your every need. But just as things start to heat up our waitresses won't be able to help themselves but to lose a little more to tantalise you with their breasts as they serve you for an additional two hours.

But like we said things get hot when your a waitress, that's why we have included a raunchy XXX show to finish your event with a hot, flustery bang.

But wait it can get even steamier for you and your company we can upgrade your XXX show to a Lesbian duo for $250 or you can get the complete deal and relish at the site of our Porn Paradise show for an extra $275




Are you the king of the castle? I bet that for just one day we can certainly make you feel like one!

Fit for a King is nothing less than two of our finest topless waitresses to dote on you hand and foot for 3 glorious hours while you sit back and relax. 

But even the finest of King's deserve something a little more to satisfy their needs and that's why we include your choice of a XXX Lesbian Duo show to take you to the brink of your seat.

But of course if you prefer something a little more subtle to get you warmed up you might like to start with our Sexy Signature show and then ramp it up into first gear with a spine tingling raunchy XXX show.

But when we think about it, we still think that you deserve more option's, I mean you are the King after all.

So that being said, if you would like to see even more of your waitresses then you can definitely spice it up a little more and have them serve you in a tiny little G-string for just $250 more.



Who's the boss? Oh baby you certainly are today and because you're the boss we have upped our game to make you feel as important as you should.

So to make sure no one misses out at this prestigious event we will provide you with four of our sexiest topless waitresses for three hours just so they can take care of your every need and because there are four, your guests are sure to be impressed as they won't have to wait long for one of these beauties to refill their glass.

But hey, let's face it, the boss deserves soooo much more and so here it is a sexy, raunchy XXX show just to finish you and your guests off.

But of course the boss most definitely deserves to choose if he wants more and so that XXX show could become a Lesbian Duo show for just $250 more.


Package 1


So, prestige and class is what your after. Then of course we must deliver! With everything you could possibly need to hold a bigger, bolder, classier event.

Maybe it's that end of year Christmas party or a huge celebration like winning the footy grand final or perhaps it's even one of those big birthday's. Whatever the occasion this package is a winner.

Because we are offering your prestigious guest's six of our sexy, sultry topless waitresses for a massive three hours to help you wine and dine your guest's with class and ease.

But just when you think the party is coming to an end our gorgeous girls are going to wind it all the way back up with a Sexy Signature Show that will tease and tantalise your guest's leaving them begging you for more. 

So of course we shan't disappoint.   Because we are going to keep the fire burning with our wild and super raunchy XXX wild vibrator, just because your High - Rolling guest's deserve nothing but the best!




So, our Highroller 1 wasn't quite as elaborate as you needed? Well that's fantastic because we have just one more.

Your grand event goes for much longer than before and so we of course must satisfy all of our prestigious clientele.

So without further ado, we are ready to present to you the Highroller 2!

Because this event is the one of the century we are making sure that everything is covered. Now you have six of the most beautiful women at your fingertips for an entire 5 hours. There for one purpose, to make sure that all of your guest's are looked after beyond all expectations.

In saying that we need to give you more. Much, much more.

So without further ado I present to you a sweet, sexy, sultry signature show, just to start to entice the audience. 

Which of course means, that if that is the appetiser then there must be more so let's continue with something more adventurous and see what these girls can bring to the table with two separate XXX shows one with Strawberries and Cream and the other, well let's see what these girls can do with some UV body paint.

By now your guest's are thinking this couldn't get any better and that's why we present you with one final gift from us. One of our raunchiest, steamiest show's presented just for you, enjoy our Lesbian Duo and see what porn is really all about!



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